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Replaces {{TeamRoster/Simple}} with three improvements:

  • Seed information added above the roster box
  • Role icons now show, multiple roles supported (please use a comma-separated list e.g. |role1=solo,jungle if they role swap)
  • Before you could "show one" or "show all" or "hide all," now you can also "hide one" (hide = go back to the logo, show = show the roster)

Required Arguments

  • |team= - The team's name
  • |playeri= - The player's display name
  • |flagi= - The player's country of birth
  • |rolei= - The player's role on the team, can be a comma-separated list, this argument is fed through {{RoleIcon}} so abbreviations provided there may be used

Optional Arguments

  • |seed= to show a line of text above the team, generally showing how the team qualified to the tournament
  • |display= to show an alternate team name (e.g. CLG instead of Counter Logic Gaming if a name is too long to fit)
  • |teamlink= to specify a particular link for a team
  • |footnoteteam= to show supertext for a footnote, e.g. |footnoteteam=1 to put a superscript 1 & then there will be a footnote below the roster template section
  • |font-size= to change the font size of the team name, for longer teams (input a percentage, e.g. |font-size=90 to make it 90%.

Please do not add these arguments with empty values to a template unless you are actually using them!!

Copyable Code

|player1= |flag1= |role1=
|player2= |flag2= |role2=
|player3= |flag3= |role3=
|player4= |flag4= |role4=
|player5= |flag5= |role5=
|player6= |flag6= |role6=
|player7= |flag7= |role7=
|player8= |flag8= |role8=
|player9= |flag9= |role9=
|player10= |flag10= |role10=