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Required Arguments

  • |team= - The team's name, it will display the medium name from {{Teamnames}}m
  • |playeri= - The player's display name
  • |flagi= - The player's country of birth
  • |rolei= - The player's role on the team, can be a comma-separated list, this argument is fed through {{RoleIcon}} so abbreviations provided there may be used

Optional Arguments

  • |linki= to change the target of a player link
  • |seed= to show a line of text above the team, generally showing how the team qualified to the tournament
  • |footnoteteamn= to show supertext for a footnote, e.g. |footnoteteamn=1 to put a superscript 1 & then there will be a footnote below the roster template section

Please do not add these arguments with empty values to a template unless you are actually using them!!

Unused Subs Officially on Roster

This is ONLY for OFFICIAL SUBS who did not start in any games in the event. In this case you may use variables |unusedi etc:

  • Set |isunusedi=yes, use the other arguments above the same

Copyable Code

|player1= |flag1= |role1=
|player2= |flag2= |role2=
|player3= |flag3= |role3=
|player4= |flag4= |role4=
|player5= |flag5= |role5=
|player6= |flag6= |role6=
|player7= |flag7= |role7=
|player8= |flag8= |role8=
|player9= |flag9= |role9=
|player10= |flag10= |role10=