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Team Leftovers
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Team Leftovers was a European SMITE team.


Season 3

Team Leftovers was formed by former Fnatic support Badgah, featuring former SPL players such as Jungler and Cherryo, while also featuring notable ranked players such as Nika and Arkkyl. The team made their competitive entrance by competing in the open qualifier of the Season 3 EU SPL Spring Relegations. Sweeping through the open bracket, winning 2-0 from the just formed Clown Fiesta in the semifinals and from Epiphany Bolt in the finals, they qualified for the promotion bracket.

While they were successful in winning the Spring Relegetions, they're showing in the fallowing season was rather underwhelming. The team hit some rocky spots throughout the split, but were able to barely miss out on the next relegations.

Prior to week 2 of the Fall season, the team was picked up by Sanguine Esports, an organization that has unsuccessfully competed in the American Challenger Cup numerous times. The team was full sponsored on August 30.

Although the team name was brought back by Cherryo and Murrdurr for the EU Saturnalia Open after they left Sanguine, it is unknown if the team will return surrounding the two players.


  • 2016

Player Roster


C ID Name Role Next Team
Nika Nika Pataraia Solo Laner Sanguine Esportslogo std.pngSanguine Esports
Cherryo Mohaned Walied Jungler Sanguine Esportslogo std.pngSanguine Esports
TheDarkDodo Daniele Minnielli Mid Laner Sanguine Esportslogo std.pngSanguine Esports
Arkkyl Kenny Kuska Hunter Sanguine Esportslogo std.pngSanguine Esports
Murrdurr Andreas Christmansson Support Sanguine Esportslogo std.pngSanguine Esports
Sanjo Eslam Emad Substitute Sanguine Esportslogo std.pngSanguine Esports
Jungler Daniel Evans Jungler Logo std.pngWeAreStillHere
Badgah Bo Katzenmaier Support



ID Name Position Next Team
LunaLittle Cassidy Tapia Team Manager Sanguine Esportslogo std.pngSanguine Esports

Team Achievements

Team Leftovers Tournament Results
2016-12-17A11$ 2,000Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png EU Saturnalia Open N0Numbers •   Cherryo •   MrSt3fan •   Kespainify •   Murrdurr
2016-06-06A66$ 20,000SPLSeason3Logo.png SMITE Pro League Europe Season 3 Spring Season Nika •   Jungler •   Cherryo •   Arkkyl •   Badgah
2016-03-05I1QSPLSeason3Logo.png SMITE Pro League Europe Season 3 Spring Relegations Nika •   Jungler •   Cherryo •   Arkkyl •   Badgah
Total Prize: USD 22,000

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