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Team Eager
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Sponsor(s)Arma Centrum
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Team Eager is a SMITE team formed in February 2015. It was made up of former members of the North American Team Dignitas squad. In December 2015, the roster underwent a major overhaul in the aftermath of the Season 2 NA Regional Championship, losing 4 out of 5 active players and their coach. By the end of the following month, Team Eager and the remnants of COGnitive Gaming merged, and added Divios, forming the current roster.

Outside of SMITE PC, the team has rosters in SMITE XBOX, Paladins, Hearthstone, and Overwatch.


Season 2

In January 2015, Team Dignitas announced the surprise departure of its long-standing North American team around team captain Lassiz.[1] Three weeks later, Gnaw announced the creation of Team Eager on Reddit.[2]

With the creation of Team Eager, AnatoLiy moved back into the team's solo lane position while Zapman, who had been the roster's sub, took over the starting hunter position again. After playing in the Season 2 Spring Qualifiers, the team failed to qualify for the SMITE Pro League and competed in the Challenger Cup during the Season 2 spring split.

After dominating the Spring Challenger Cup the team beat HiFive 3-0 in the Summer Qualifiers and qualifying for the SPL Season 2 Summer Split. During week 4, support player Aror chose to step down from the team. With the position void, Eager chose to pick up former Hi Five support, PolarBearMike.

Shortly before going into SPL Season 2 NA Fall, the team announced Cloud9 player 0mega joining to replace AnatoLiy who went inactive due to personal issues.[3]

While finishing 2nd in the Fall Split, the team was unable to qualify for the SMITE World Championship 2016 at the NA Super Regionals. A few weeks later, support, PolarBearMike as well as solo laner Omega announced their departure in order to find success with other teams for Season 3.[4][5] A week later, Lassiz[6], DaretoCare[7], and Krett[8] all announced their departure from Eager. Zapman announced the new roster on January 23, composing of himself, Divios, and the remaining roster of COGnitive Gaming, securing the team a spot in the SPL for Season 3.

Season 3


  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015

Player Roster


C ID Name Role Next Team
Zapman Steven Zapas Hunter Spacestation Gaminglogo std.pngSpacestation Gaming
tmoney313 Substitute Team AIlogo std.pngTeam AI
Divios Nicklaus Neumeyer Solo Laner Team AIlogo std.pngTeam AI
elchapo Andy Leon Jungler Team AIlogo std.pngTeam AI
TheBest Jeremy Dailey Mid Laner Team AIlogo std.pngTeam AI
XenoTronics Nathan Hewitt Hunter Team AIlogo std.pngTeam AI
Aror Max Jackson Support Team AIlogo std.pngTeam AI
sam4soccer2 Samuel Waxman Jungler A Mighty Størmlogo std.pngA Mighty Størm
djpernicus Cody Tyson Jungler Spacestation Gaminglogo std.pngSpacestation Gaming
DaretoCare Brendan Daniels Jungler Team Flexlogo std.pngTeam Flex
Lassiz Drew Boyd Mid Laner Team Flexlogo std.pngTeam Flex
0mega Ryan Johnson Solo Laner Team EnVyUslogo std.pngTeam EnVyUs
PolarBearMike Michael Heiss Support The Rambozoslogo std.pngThe Randozos
AnatoLiy Anatoliy Alekseyenok Solo Laner Fnaticlogo std.pngFnatic
Cabom Christian Dura Sub/Hunter Fat Chunks Assemblelogo std.pngFat Chunks



C ID Name Role Next Team
Zapman Steven Zapas Owner/CEO Spacestation Gaminglogo std.pngSpacestation Gaming
ATR Tim Carnes CFO/Store Manager
Gnaw Darrell Elston Director of eSports
GrossFaceGuy Derek Shaw Community Manager
Fleeur Nathalia Marchiore Content Creation Manager
HAVOK Ryan Headrick eSports Marketing
NShadow Nicholas Scotti Community Manager Enemylogo std.pngEnemy
Krett James Horgan Coach Fnaticlogo std.pngFnatic

Team Achievements

Team Eager Tournament Results
2017-04-30A33 - 4$ 10,000SmiteMasters2017.png SMITE Masters 2017 Divios •   djpernicus •   TheBest •   Zapman •   Aror
2017-03-26A11SPLlogo square.png SMITE Pro League North America 2017 Spring Season Divios •   djpernicus •   TheBest •   Zapman •   Aror
2017-01-08A11$ 75,000SWClogo square.png SMITE Console World Championship 2017 Dwurst •   Myflin •   Delta Marine72 •   AirCougar •   Jelly
2017-01-08A33 - 4$ 125,000SWClogo square.png SMITE World Championship 2017 Divios •   djpernicus •   TheBest •   Zapman •   Aror
2016-11-20A112016Regionals.png 2016 NA Regional Championship Divios •   djpernicus •   TheBest •   Zapman •   Aror
2016-10-30A22SPLSeason3Logo.png Season 3 NA SPL Fall Season Divios •   djpernicus •   TheBest •   Zapman •   Aror
2016-09-15A55SPLSeason3Logo.png Season 3 NA SPL Fall Placement Divios •   djpernicus •   TheBest •   Zapman •   Aror
2016-06-21A33 - 4$ 15,000Smite Masters Dreamhack.png SMITE Masters 2016 Divios •   djpernicus •   TheBest •   Zapman •   Aror
2016-06-06A22SPLSeason3Logo.png SMITE Pro League North America Season 3 Spring Season Divios •   djpernicus •   TheBest •   Zapman •   Aror
2015-11-22A33$ 40,000SuperRegionalsSmall.png SMITE Super Regional Championship NA 2015 0mega •   DaretoCare •   Lassiz •   Zapman •   PolarBearMike
2015-11-21I1NQSuperRegionalsSmall.png SMITE World Championship 2016 Wildcard 0mega •   DaretoCare •   Lassiz •   Zapman •   PolarBearMike
2015-10-25A22SPLSeason2Logo.png SMITE Pro League North America Season 2 Fall Season 0mega •   DaretoCare •   Lassiz •   Zapman •   PolarBearMike
2015-09-20A22$ 5,000GearsOfFate.png Gears of Fate Cognitive Gaming Invitational 0mega •   DaretoCare •   Lassiz •   Zapman •   PolarBearMike
2015-07-11A44Hitboxinvitational.png NA Hitbox Invitational 2015 AnatoLiy •   DaretoCare •   Lassiz •   Zapman •   PolarBearMike
2015-06-28A55$ 12,500SPLSeason2Logo.png SMITE Pro League North America Season 2 Summer Season AnatoLiy •   DaretoCare •   Lassiz •   Zapman •   PolarBearMike
2015-05-10I1QSPLSeason2Logo.png SMITE Pro League North America Season 2 Summer Qualifiers AnatoLiy •   DaretoCare •   Lassiz •   Zapman •   Aror
2015-04-18A11$ 2,500SPLS2ChallengerCup Spring.png SMITE Challenger Cup North America Season 2 Spring AnatoLiy •   DaretoCare •   Lassiz •   Zapman •   Aror
2015-02-28I1NQSPLSeason2Logo.png SMITE Pro League North America Season 2 Spring Qualifiers AnatoLiy •   Lassiz •   Gnaw •   Zapman •   DaretoCare
Total Prize: USD 285,000

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