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TRIG eSports is a newly formed eSports organization, forming in late 2014. Other than their SMITE team, TRIG sponsors top players in League of Legends, Starcraft and FIFA.


Season 2

On January 2, TRIG eSports' SMITE team was formed. The team signed members of the former Team SoloMid squad, as well as players from Fnatic. The team consisted of Lawbster, QvoFred, Trixtank, Funballer, Xaliea and manager Zimpstar.[1] Later in the month, the team brought on ImDazer as coach.[2] After finishing 1st and 3rd in the first two weeks of the SPL Qualifiers, the team placed 1st in their group during the final week, and secured their spot in the Spring Split of the SMITE Pro League. After performing very well throughout the Spring Split, they qualified as first seed of Europe for the Season 2 Spring Finals. Despite their incredible win ratio, they would place not only last, but winless.

With the Summer Split starting, TRIG performed well, only behind Titan and Fnatic. In mid-June, TRIG Money, the real sponsor behind TRIG eSports, was exposed for economical crimes, and with inspiration from other eSports personalities both in and out of the Smite community, the team split from TRIG as a whole, formed Paradigm [3], an independent eSports entity, on June 25, 2015.


  • 2015

Player Roster


ID Name Role Next Team
Xaliea Jeroen Klaver Solo Laner Paradigmlogo std.pngParadigm
QvoFred Anders Korsbo Jungler Paradigmlogo std.pngParadigm
Lawbster Emil Evensen Mid Laner Paradigmlogo std.pngParadigm
Funballer Kieran Patidar Hunter Paradigmlogo std.pngParadigm
Trixtank Jeppe Gylling Support Paradigmlogo std.pngParadigm
Lloydy Robert Lloyd Sub/Mid/Solo Paradigmlogo std.pngParadigm
Zimpstar Simon Hagert Manager/Coach Paradigmlogo std.pngParadigm
ImDazer Darren Patrick Coach Paradigmlogo std.pngParadigm

Team Achievements

Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2015-04-26 A44 SpringFinals.png SPL Season 2 Spring Finals XalieaQvoFredLawbsterFunballerTrixtank $10,000
2015-04-05 A11 SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 EU Spring Split XalieaQvoFredLawbsterFunballerTrixtank Qualified for Spring Finals

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