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This first split is the “Play In” period, focused on finding the best teams to form the Oceania Pro League. There will be three streams leading to a Pro League Qualifier Tournament. The four ways to participate in Split One are:

Open Ladder

Starts March 30th. An open online ladder run in partnership with CyberGamer. Any team can join at any time! Every team will fight it out for top ladder positions over the course of this first ladder season. The best teams will gain entry into the Pro League Qualifier Tournament. This is the place for new teams to form and evolve without being dominated by the established leaders of the pack.

Invitational Ladder

Starts April 19th. A restricted online ladder run in partnership with CyberGamer. The top eight teams who have proven themselves the early leaders of the competition so far will play in a round robin best of three league. To determine the invites, four teams qualify from the Finals of the Open Ladder which had run on CyberGamer from December. The remaining four teams will qualify in a last chance One Day Tournament on April 12th. The top four teams from this Invitational Ladder will qualify directly into Pro League for Split Two. The bottom four teams will get a second chance with entry into the Pro League Qualifier Tournament.

LAN Centers and LAN events

A series of tournaments at LAN events and LAN centers. Participating LAN events and LAN Centers will host tournaments to find local champions. These teams will qualify for an online one day Lan Winners Qualifier Tournament to fight exclusively against each other. The top two teams from this tournament, will gain spots in the Pro League Qualifier Tournament.

Pro League Qualifier Tournament

Online tournament to determine which teams will be promoted to the Pro League in Split Two. Teams will converge from Open and Invitational Ladders as well as the LAN Center and LAN Event Qualifier Tournament. The top teams will earn a place in the Oceania Pro League.