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Season 1 EU SPL Regular Season
Tournament Information
OrganizerHi-Rez Studios
FormatRound Robin
Prize Pool$22,750
Location & Dates
CountryEurope Europe
Start Date2014-08-20
End Date2014-10-05
WinnerExposed Secretslogo std.pngExposed Secrets
SecondMorlogo std.pngMortality eSports
ThirdTeam SoloMidlogo std.pngTeam SoloMid
FourthCloud9logo std.pngCloud9

The European SMITE Pro League Season 1 lasted eight weeks. The top four teams were invited to Cologne for the Regional Championships in late November.



  • 6 teams (4 from Kick-Off LAN, 2 from Play-Ins).
  • Each team plays each other four times in a single game.
  • $250 per win, $125 per loss.
  • 7 weeks (Wednesday-Sunday).
  • Top 4 advance to Regional Championships.
  • Bottom 2 teams per region play the top 2 teams from the Challenger Cup, from that region, for a spot in the Regional Championships.

Prize Pool

Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1 $ 4,250 Exposed Secretslogo std.pngExposed Secrets XalieaFrostiaKShadowNightmareFunballerHalfDevil
Silver.png 2 $ 4,000 Morlogo std.pngMortality eSports PsiyoiRafferFexezm0eXFrezzOO
Bronze.png 3 $ 4,000 Team SoloMidlogo std.pngTeam SoloMid GamehunterQvoFredLawbsterSmekTrixtank
Copper.png 4 $ 3,625 Cloud9logo std.pngCloud9 enQuHyrrokOptixxYOUNGBAEemilitoo
5 $ 3,625 Sklogo std.pngSK Gaming maniaKKZyrhoesCaptainTwigRealzxBadgah
6 $ 3,000 Team Coastlogo std.pngTeam Coast VarietyNinjaBobatKorinyoShaggyshenkPrincessTomato


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Season Standings
1 Exposed Secretslogo std.pngExposed Secrets 14 - 6 70%
2 Morlogo std.pngMortality eSports 12 - 8 60%
3 Team SoloMidlogo std.pngTeam SoloMid 12 - 8 60%
4 Cloud9logo std.pngCloud9 9 - 11 45%
5 Sklogo std.pngSK Gaming 9 - 11 45%
6 Team Coastlogo std.pngTeam Coast 4 - 16 20%


Week 1
1Morlogo std.png3-03-0
2Cloud9logo std.png3-13-1
3Team Coastlogo std.png1-21-2
3Sklogo std.png1-21-2
3Exposed Secretslogo std.png1-21-2
6Team SoloMidlogo std.png1-31-3
Week 2
1Morlogo std.png2-15-1
21Exposed Secretslogo std.png3-04-2
31Cloud9logo std.png1-24-3
41Sklogo std.png2-23-4
42Team SoloMidlogo std.png2-13-4
63Team Coastlogo std.png0-41-6
Week 3
1Morlogo std.png2-27-3
22Team SoloMidlogo std.png3-06-4
21Cloud9logo std.png2-16-4
2Exposed Secretslogo std.png2-26-4
51Sklogo std.png0-33-7
6Team Coastlogo std.png1-22-8
Week 4
1Morlogo std.png0-07-3
2Team SoloMidlogo std.png0-06-4
2Cloud9logo std.png0-06-4
2Exposed Secretslogo std.png0-06-4
5Sklogo std.png0-03-7
6Team Coastlogo std.png0-02-8
Week 5
11Exposed Secretslogo std.png3-09-4
2Team SoloMidlogo std.png3-19-5
32Morlogo std.png1-28-5
42Cloud9logo std.png0-36-7
5Sklogo std.png1-24-9
6Team Coastlogo std.png2-24-10
Week 6
1Exposed Secretslogo std.png2-111-5
21Morlogo std.png3-111-6
31Team SoloMidlogo std.png1-210-7
4Cloud9logo std.png1-27-9
5Sklogo std.png3-17-10
6Team Coastlogo std.png0-34-13
Week 7
1Exposed Secretslogo std.png3-114-6
2Morlogo std.png1-212-8
21Team SoloMidlogo std.png2-112-8
4Cloud9logo std.png2-29-11
41Sklogo std.png2-19-11
6Team Coastlogo std.png0-34-16

Player of the Week

Week Player
Week 1 Morlogo std.png m0eX
Week 2 Exposed Secretslogo std.png Xaliea
Week 3 Cloud9logo std.png enQu
Week 4 No Games Played
Week 5 Exposed Secretslogo std.png Funballer
Week 6 Morlogo std.png iRaffer
Week 7 Exposed Secretslogo std.png Xaliea