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Team has disbanded.
Pittsburgh Knights
Pittsburgh Knightslogo profile.png
Team Information
Org LocationUnited States United States
Team LocationUnited States United States
 North America
Head CoachJoshua "ElChuckles" Bruce
Sponsor(s)Pittsburgh Steelers
Smile Direct Club
CreatedOrganization: 2017-12-01
SMITE Division: 2018-12-05
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Current Roster
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Pittsburgh Knights is an North American organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Pittsburgh Knights currently has multiple teams represented in many different esports titles, such as SMITE, Paladins, Rocket League [1], and more. The organization entered the SMITE scene in 2019.


Season 6

The Pittsburgh Knights started their journey into SMITE by acquiring a roster built from pieces of the top 3 European teams from the 2018 season. Their roster would feature Deathwalker & Vote from Team RivaL, Zyrhoes from Dignitas, and Adapting, EmilZy, & Rowe from NRG Esports. The Knights bring superstar talent and high expectations to the battleground in season 6.


  • 2021
  • 2020
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • December 5, Pittsburgh Knights announce they will participate in the Season 6 SPL.[13]

Player Roster


C ID Name Role Next Team Joined Left
ScaryD Ronald Belair Solo Laner Tartarus Titanslogo std.pngTartarus Titans 2020-01-032020-01-03 2021-01-112021-01-11
QvoFred Anders Korsbo Jungler Oni Warriorslogo std.pngOni Warriors 2020-01-032020-01-03 2021-01-112021-01-11
Paul Paul Berger Mid Laner Tartarus Titanslogo std.pngTartarus Titans 2020-01-032020-01-03 2021-01-112021-01-11
Zapman Steven Zapas Hunter Solar Scarabslogo std.pngSolar Scarabs 2020-01-032020-01-03 2021-01-112021-01-11
NeilMah Neil Mah Support Oni Warriorslogo std.pngOni Warriors 2020-01-032020-01-03 2021-01-112021-01-11
Vote Liam Shanks Hunter Spacestation Gaminglogo std.pngSpacestation Gaming 2019-01-102019-01-10 2020-01-032020-01-03
Rowe Daniel Rowe Solo Laner Renegadeslogo std.pngRenegades 2019-09-252019-09-25 2020-01-032020-01-03
Adapting Kennet Ros Jungler Ghost Gaminglogo std.pngGhost Gaming 2019-01-102019-01-10 2019-12-182019-12-18
Deathwalker Adrian Benko Mid Laner Logo std.pngFreshly Forged 2019-01-102019-01-10 2019-12-172019-12-17
EmilZy Emil Nielsen Support Retiredlogo std.pngRetired 2019-01-102019-01-10 2019-12-022019-12-02
Zyrhoes Joakim Verngren Mid Laner Belt Slaplogo std.pngBelt Slap 2019-01-102019-01-10 2019-09-252019-09-25



C ID Name Position
GBJames James O’Connor CEO
itsjonoh Jonathan Oh CFO
GRT Manager
snooze Manager


C ID Name Role Next Team
ElChuckles Joshua Bruce Coach Oni Warriorslogo std.pngOni Warriors
Leonyx Rob Lee Chief Gaming Officer
Rowe Daniel Rowe Coach Pittsburgh Knightslogo std.png Solo Lane

Team Achievements

Recent Tournament Results (View All)
2019-11-17A55 - 8SWC 2020 logo square.png SMITE World Championship 2020 Rowe •   Adapting •   Deathwalker •   Vote •   EmilZy
2019-10-25A66SPL2018logo square.png 2019 SPL Phase 2 Rowe •   Adapting •   Deathwalker •   Vote •   EmilZy
2019-07-12A55 - 82019 Mid-Season Invitationallogo square.png 2019 Mid Season Invitational Deathwalker •   Adapting •   Zyrhoes •   Vote •   EmilZy
2019-06-24A33SPL2018logo square.png 2019 SPL Phase 1 Deathwalker •   Adapting •   Zyrhoes •   Vote •   EmilZy






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