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London Conspiracy
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Org LocationUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
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Created2015-01-30 (SMITE division)
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London Conspiracy is a UK-based eSports team formed in 2014. Aside from the SMITE team, it had a successful Norwegian CS:GO team and houses teams in Dota2, League of Legends, and FIFA.


London Conspiracy made its first appearance on the SMITE scene by acquiring the European SMITE team Potato Boys around popular mid laner Suntouch and duo lane Shaggyshenk and EmilZy. The team promptly managed to qualify for the SPL Season 2 EU Spring Split while also picking up aero, moving Suntouch to the jungle and benching R3DF00. After finishing 4th in the SPL Spring Split, the team brought on veteran support player HalfDevil as a sub for the support role.

The team finished the SPL Season 2 EU Summer split in fifth place. Shortly thereafter, Suntouch announced he would be stepping down from the active roster, citing motivation and performance issues.[1] One month later, the team announced having benched Snakeskin and him consequently leaving the team, as well as having signed Zashu and ASoggySandal, and Cherryo as a substitute. After several weeks of competition, ASoggySandal benched himself due to internet connection issues, resulting in Cherryo moving to the jungle role.[2] They qualified for the EU Super Regionals as 4th seed, facing Titan in the their first round. Using aero's powerful Scylla and Cherryo's set-up oriented Ne Zha, they defeated Titan 3-1. In their next matchup against 1st seed Epsilon eSports, London Conspiracy were stomped 0-3, eliminating them from the tournament and by extension, the 2016 SMITE World Championship. On January 1, 2016 Cherryo announced he would leave the team, stating his dislike for the jungle role as the main reason.[3]

On January 18 it was announced Repikas joined[4], and that the team would be leaving the organization. On January 22, the team left to form as Cringe Crew[5].


  • 2016
  • 2015
  • January 1, Cherryo leaves.[3]
  • January 18, Repikas joins, and the roster announces they will be searching for a new organization[4].
  • January 22, roster leaves to become Cringe Crew[5].

Player Roster


C ID Name Role Next Team
Zashu Stefano Otten Solo Laner Cringe Crewlogo std.pngCringe Crew
Repikas Thomas Skallebæk Jungler Cringe Crewlogo std.pngCringe Crew
Kero Silas Lund Mid Laner Cringe Crewlogo std.pngCringe Crew
Shaggyshenk Jasper Dekker Hunter Cringe Crewlogo std.pngCringe Crew
EmilZy Emil Nielsen Support Cringe Crewlogo std.pngCringe Crew
ASoggySandal Freddie Sibley-Calder Sub/Jungle Cringe Crewlogo std.pngCringe Crew
Cherryo Mohaned Walied Jungler Torpedologo std.pngTorpedo
HalfDevil Adir Doel Sub/Support
Snakeskin Casper Bruning Jungler Logo std.pngNetflix N Chill
Suntouch Peter Logan Jungler Logo std.pngNetflix N Chill
R3DF00 Stefan Koleno Sub/Jungle Moxieslogo std.pngMoxies



C ID Name Role Next Team
Deathiance Florian Hemmers Coach/Manager Cringe Crewlogo std.pngCringe Crew

Team Achievements

Date Place Event Roster Winnings
2015-11-22 A44 SPLSeason2Logo.png Season 2 EU Regionals ZashuCherryoaeroShaggyshenkEmilZy $32,500
2015-10-25 A44 SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 EU Summer Split ZashuCherryoaeroShaggyshenkEmilZy Qualified for S2 EU Regionals
2015-06-28 A55 SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 EU Summer Split SnakeskinSuntouchaeroShaggyshenkEmilZy $12,500
2015-04-05 A44 SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 EU Spring Split SnakeskinSuntouchaeroShaggyshenkEmilZy $3,500
2015-03-01 A22 SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 EU Spring Qualifiers SnakeskinR3DF00SuntouchShaggyshenkEmilZy

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