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Alexander "HughZ" Hughes is an Oceanic Smite caster who also created and runs the YouTube interview/instruction series Onboard. He currently casts with fellow Oceanic casters Timmyy33, Ranknoius and Knightf4ll. He is also a former manager of Citadel Gaming Citadel Gaming Twistys and Eeyore.


HughZ began playing Smite in late 2013 before dropping off and then resuming interest in 2014. His first cast was of a Leagues Conquest match between some of the members of his guild, The Harlequin and some members of the Smite Community with casting partner Timmyy33 in February 2015. His guild members and the Oceanic community reacted very positively to this video and soon Timmyy33 and HughZ were casting regularly. This brought them to the attention of GGTheMachine, Rankonius and Knightf4ll who gave valuable advice to the duo and soon everyone was casting with each other regularly. In March 2015 HughZ began Onboard, a series of YouTube videos with Pro or High level Oceanic players in which HughZ would interview the player during a replay of a match they recently played, questioning them on build, strategies, plays as well as questions designed for the community to get to know the players a little better. Onboard was met with acclaim and success in the Oceanic Community and was even praised by Hinduman.

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