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Background Information
NameThom Badinger
Country of BirthUnited States United States
BirthdayJanuary 22, 1989 (age 32)
Soloqueue IDsFswag, fdotny, Gilkannon
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Thom "F." Badinger is an American SMITE personality. He is currently a commentator for Hi-Rez Studios. He is known as "Fswag" in-game, with his caster name "F." pronounced as eff-dot.


F. was born in San Diego, California. As a baby, he was adopted by a couple from Brooklyn, moving to Long Island/Queens shortly afterward. He got into competitive Smite step-by-step. He saw the game, and immediately fell in love as it had all of the competitive strategy that drew him to DotA, but also the 3rd person action feel to it he loved. Knowing he wanted to get more involved, he started writing for SK-Gaming's website, covering the weekly Smite tournaments.

After that, Tiermonster announced they were looking for streamers on their Twitch channel - he took this opportunity and started streaming the game, eventually turning his timeslot into a talk show of sorts. A Reddit thread was made by dmbrandon to find more commentary talent, and despite not having any experience or training, he threw his hat into the ring. He felt he wasn't that great, but he had enough of the right stuff to start off with to get the right attention. From there, he did a few weekly tournaments side-by-side with the Hi-Rez guys, and was then eventually invited to cast at the Smite launch tournament.

From there he did some contract work running the Challenger Cup, and eventually got hired to do more in the eSports world. He now lives in Atlanta, Georgia, working full-time for Hi-Rez Studios.


  • Really likes using chopsticks whenever he can.
  • Studied music and acting in high school, going to a specialized High School for these.
  • Has been a musician, playing for a Rock band after High School
  • Has been involved in sales on a first consumer level, then business to business.
  • Played World of Warcraft at a near-top level in PVE, playing as an active raider many times.
  • Has sunk thousands of hours into Counter Strike, Smash Bros, OG Battlefield/CoDs, etc. In the single player world, he is a huge fan of RPG's.
  • Won a CS 1.6 surf + iceworld tournament at Parallax LAN in 2005
  • Loves sports and is always watching a game.
  • Always loved music of every genres, though his favorites are rap, rock, or pop.
  • Is an avid reader, but mostly non-fiction and "boring" things, i.e. textbooks.
  • His favorite god model in the game is Sobek.
  • Originally believed Smite to be similar to any other game that he would forget in a week, until he was hit by Ne Zha's ultimate, which completely enamored him with both Ne Zha and Smite itself.
  • Hates being called "Foot".
  • He loves New York City, and desires to go back whenever possible.
  • He once dated Khaos's music teacher.

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