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Team has disbanded.
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Team Information
Org LocationUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Sponsor(s)Cinch Gaming
CreatedSMITE Division 2016-07-07
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Current Roster
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Cyclone is a British eSports organization. The organization joined SMITE on July 7, 2016 when they acquired the roster of Loopy Landers.

In addition to their SMITE PC team, they also field a team in SMITE XBOX, Call of Duty, Hearthstone, Overwatch, League of Legends, Paladins, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.



  • 2017
  • 2016
  • February 10, AllHailMuppets joins as substitute.
  • March 19, roster is released.

Player Roster


C ID Name Role Next Team
Deathwalker Adrian Benko Solo Laner Team RivaLlogo std.pngTeam RivaL
iceicebabyy Aleksandar Zahariev Jungler Team RivaLlogo std.pngTeam RivaL
Wlfy Alexandru Lefterică Mid Laner Team RivaLlogo std.pngTeam RivaL
Vote Liam Shanks Hunter Team RivaLlogo std.pngTeam RivaL
KaLaS Petar Matejić Support Team RivaLlogo std.pngTeam RivaL
AllHailMuppets Substitute Desertedlogo std.pngDeserted



ID Name Position Next Team
Covertactician Thomas Shaw Team Manager Team RivaLlogo std.pngTeam RivaL
AlphaJackal Andy Barlow Coach Team RivaLlogo std.pngTeam RivaL
Hayzer Paul Hay Coach Obey Alliancelogo std.pngObey Alliance

Team Achievements

Cyclone Tournament Results
2019-06-23I1NQSCL logo small.png 2019 NA PS4 SCL Relegations JabamiChip •   JellyNOO •   Overrgrown •   Beaudilla •   YarBadKid
2019-06-07A33SCL logo small.png 2019 NA PS4 SCL Phase 1 JabamiChip •   JellyNOO •   Overrgrown •   Beaudilla •   YarBadKid
2018-10-08A33Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png 2018 EU Xbox SCL Fall Season ChronicThe Bros •   Neil Warnock •   Eribiiax •   Davy1108 •   SW17CH
2017-02-11I1QSPLlogo square.png SMITE Pro League Europe 2017 Spring Relegations Deathwalker •   iceicebabyy •   Wlfy •   Vote •   KaLaS
2016-12-17A33$ 1,000Unknown Infobox Image - Tournament.png EU Saturnalia Open Deathwalker •   iceicebabyy •   Wlfy •   VoteNBK •   KaLaS
2016-11-05A44SPLSeason3Logo.png SMITE Pro League Europe Season 3 Fall Gauntlet Deathwalker •   iceicebabyy •   Wlfy •   VoteNBK •   KaLaS
2016-10-23A88SPLSeason3Logo.png SMITE Pro League Europe Season 3 Fall Season Deathwalker •   iceicebabyy •   Wlfy •   VoteNBK •   KaLaS
2016-09-16A77SPLSeason3Logo.png SMITE Pro League Europe Season 3 Fall Placement Deathwalker •   iceicebabyy •   Wlfy •   VoteNBK •   KaLaS
2016-08-06I1QSPLSeason3Logo.png SMITE Pro League Europe Season 3 Fall Relegations Deathwalker •   iceicebabyy •   Wlfy •   VoteNBK •   KaLaS
2016-07-16A22$ 1,500CCsquare.png Season 3 EU CC Spring Playoffs Deathwalker •   iceicebabyy •   Wlfy •   VoteNBK •   KaLaS
2016-07-09A22CCsquare.png Season 3 EU CC Spring Season Deathwalker •   iceicebabyy •   Wlfy •   VoteNBK •   KaLaS
Total Prize: USD 2,500

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