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Player has retired.
Background Information
NameErik Sjösten
Country of BirthUnited States United States
BirthdayJanuary 27, 1995 (age 26)
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Team History
Jun 2014 - Aug 2014
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Logo std.pngChosen Insanity
Aug 2014 - Oct 2014
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Agilitaslogo std.pngAgilitas
Oct 2014 - Jan 2015
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Aquilalogo std.pngAquila
Jan 2015 - Jan 2016
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Titanlogo std.pngTitan
Erik "Omgimabird" Sjösten was previously a coach for Titan.


Omgimabird was born and raised in California, he lived in San Jose until the age of 9 when his family returned to Stockholm, Sweden, in order to take care of his grandparents, where he has lived ever since.

Already starting at the age of 3, gaming became a part of his life when he was gifted a Nintendo 64. Together with father and sister he explored the world of gaming through games such as Mario Kart and Zelda. Very early he started to play games in a very analytical manner, always trying to find the most efficient gameplay.

In 2013 Omgimabird started playing SMITE, whilst not playing SMITE competitive for a long time, he was dipping his toes in esports as he attempted to enter the Shootmania scene. Shootmania however didn't last long, and he made his return to SMITE and try to play competitively. In the Summer of 2014 he joined Chosen Insanity together with Deathiance, which disbanded after a poor performance in the challenger cup. He approached Ataraxia, as they had an earlier history of theory-crafting together, asking if Agilitas was in need of an analyst - leading him to join the team.

During the rise of Agilitas, later Aquila and Titan, Omgimabird progressed into being the coach for the team, and officially became the only coach of Titan when CaptCoach left in August 2015 [1].

In 2016 when Titan announced the team would disband and seize all operations, he retired from SMITE and moved on to playing Paladins competitively.


  • His name is the result of creating a nickname at age 10.
  • Is a self taught pianist.
  • Enjoys digital painting

Team and Tournament History

As Coach

Date Place Event Team Teammates
2015-11-22 A66 SPLSeason2Logo.png Season 2 EU Regionals Titanlogo std.pngTitan BroTuZRepikasPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaKanyeLife
2015-10-25 A55 SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 EU Fall Split Titanlogo std.pngTitan BroTuZRepikasPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaKanyeLife
2015-07-26 A44 S2SummerFinals.png SPL Season 2 Summer Finals Titanlogo std.pngTitan AtaraxiaRepikasPrettyPriMeConfreyKanyeLife
2015-06-28 A11 SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 EU Summer Split Titanlogo std.pngTitan AtaraxiaRepikasPrettyPriMeConfreyKanyeLife
2015-04-05 A33 SPLSeason2Logo.png SPL Season 2 EU Spring Split Titanlogo std.pngTitan ConfreyRepikasPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaKanyeLife
2015-01-11 A22 SWC2015logo small.png SMITE World Championship 2015 Titanlogo std.pngTitan ConfreyRepikasPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaKanyeLife
2014-11-16 A11 SPLS1EU.png SPL Season 1 EU Regionals Aquilalogo std.pngAquila ConfreyRepikasPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaKanyeLife
2014-10-26 A11 Regional-wildcard.png SPL Season 1 EU Wildcard Agilitaslogo std.pngAgilitas ConfreyRepikasPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaKanyeLife
2014-10-12 A11 SPLS1ChallengerCup.png SPL Season 1 EU Challenger Cup Agilitaslogo std.pngAgilitas ConfreyRepikasPrettyPriMeAtaraxiaKanyeLife

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