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Background Information
NameDaniel Barnard
Country of BirthUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
BirthdayMay 27, 1996 (age 26)
TeamNovus Orsalogo std.pngNovus Orsa
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Team History
Jun 2013 - Nov 2013
Role icon.png
Worth Gaminglogo std.pngWorth Gaming
Dec 2014 - Feb 2015
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Novus Orsalogo std.pngNovus Orsa
Feb 2015 - Jan 2017
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Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas
Jan 2017 - Present
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Novus Orsalogo std.pngNovus Orsa
Daniel "Barn" Barnard is a British SMITE personality. He currently is coach for Novus Orsa.


Barn was raised in Maidenhead, England and currently lives in Canterbury, England.

Barn used to play World of Warcraft and League of Legends. When he started playing SMITE, he played ranked games with ImDazer. ImDazer then asked him to help manage the Fnatic lineup at the SPL Season 1 EU Regionals. After the team split following its missed opportunity to qualify for the SMITE World Championship 2015, ShadowNightmare, impressed by Barn's coaching, approached him about coaching his new lineup Novus Orsa.

Barn joined the Novus Orsa team as coach and followed the team's pick-up by Team Dignitas.


  • He is currently Drama and Theatre at the University of Kent.
  • He was originally named Barnardius but shortened the name after getting tired of people pronouncing it strangely.

Team and Tournament History

As Coach

Date Place Event Team Teammates
2016-11-19 A55 SPLSeason3Logo.png SWC 2017 Wildcard Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas Duck3yFrostiaKShadowNightmareSuntouchBigManTingz
2016-11-05 A11 Season 3 EU SPL Fall Gauntlet Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas Duck3yFrostiaKShadowNightmareSuntouchBigManTingz
2016-10-23 A55 Season 3 EU SPL Fall Season Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas Duck3yFrostiaKShadowNightmareSuntouchBigManTingz
2016-09-16 A44 Season 3 EU SPL Fall Placement Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas Duck3yFrostiaKShadowNightmareSuntouchBigManTingz
2016-06-06 A55 Season 3 EU SPL Spring Season Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas TheDarkDodoFrostiaKShadowNightmareiRensSuntouch
2015-11-22 A55 2015 EU Regional Championship Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareiRensFrezzOO
2015-10-25 A66 Season 2 EU SPL Fall Season Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareiRensFrezzOO
2015-07-12 A33 EU Hitbox Invitational Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareiRensFrezzOO
2015-06-28 A66 Season 2 EU SPL Summer Season Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareYOUNGBAEFrezzOO
2015-05-10 I1Q Season 2 EU SPL Summer Qualifiers Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareYOUNGBAEFrezzOO
2015-04-05 A55 Season 2 EU SPL Spring Season Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareYOUNGBAEFrezzOO
2015-03-01 I1Q Season 2 EU SPL Spring Qualifiers Dignitaslogo std.pngDignitas VarietyFrostiaKShadowNightmareYOUNGBAEFrezzOO

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